Campers don’t just go to camp and return home the same as before. The experiences and friends campers make at Camp Brainstorm stay with them long after they’ve left. Read some of the firsthand accounts from counselors, campers, and parents.

Jakob attended Camp Brainstorm.

It [Camp Brainstorm] helps me feel not alone; that I’m part of a community and that I can make friends.


Jon is the father of a child who attended Camp Brainstorm. His son said this about his experience:

I got a lot out of being with people with [sic] really understood my life, and the counselors were awesome and treated me like a friend.


Lisa is the mother of a child who attended Camp Brainstorm. 

Camp was wonderful for my daughter Elizabeth. She came back from camp feeling excited, confident, and she knew she wasn’t alone. She would cry to us wondering why she had to be different. Camp helped her to see she wasn’t that different after all. It also helped her to see that epilepsy doesn’t have to be a reason not to do something. I can’t thank ya’ll enough. Camp was just what she needed. It was an experience for her soul…an experience that changed her outlook on life.

You cannot put a price on what Camp Brainstorm offers a child. For my daughter, it completely changed the way she thinks about herself and her abilities. Camp taught her she’s not alone. It also taught her that despite her epilepsy, she can do anything she sets her mind to.


Christina is the mother of child who attended Camp Brainstorm.

The opportunity for the kids to be with other kids who understand their challenges, an be allowed/challenged to do things they may not normally participate in is PRICELESS. My child comes home with newfound confidence.

For parents — we are a group who, for many, have watched our kids go through life-threatening events. Because of some of the medical concerns that come along with these kids, sending them to a new day camp can be very stressful for parents. Camp Brainstorm takes a lot of that stress away. It allows us a much needed few days to take care of ourselves, allowing us to be better caregivers to our kids. For parents, it is a priceless opportunity.


Dawn is the mother of a child who attended Camp Brainstorm.

My child has come home with new friends that know what life with epilepsy is life and has been communicating with these friends daily on a group chat since the end of camp. I am grateful to all who helped make this happen: funders, those who have participated in fundraising like local walks, the medical care team at camp, and the staff and counselors. Please continue to support Camp Brainstorm!


Jennifer is the mother of child who attended Camp Brainstorm.

The opportunity of my child being able to attend Camp Brainstorm has been priceless! The camp experience has really helped him to open up. He actually go up on stage alone and performed a song during the talent show this year!! That is something I never ever expected to see with how shy he usually is. It just proved to me what a fantastic experience camp has been for him and how comfortable everyone there has made him! We are truly grateful to all the staff, counselors, and generous donors who have made Camp Brainstorm possible!


Deborah is the mother a child who attended Camp Brainstorm.

I don’t have words to describe how much it means to be able to send your child off and not worry about their meds and safety. The world is a scary place for the parent of a child with epilepsy, and this is one week a year where we can truly breathe and relax knowing they are having all the great experiences of a typical camper in an environment where everyone totally gets it. This Camp is a huge blessing, thank you, thank you, thank you.


Anonymous parent of a child with epilepsy.

Camp Brainstorm allows my daughter to feel normal. She has made friends with kids that she can talk to about epilepsy — one who even visited her in the hospital during a long, tough evaluation. Camp Brainstorm also gives me a chance to let go and not stress about her safety. She is more independent and confident because of it. The counselors are fun and positive role models and my daughter can’t wait to give back when she is old enough.


Katherine is the mother of a child who attended Camp Brainstorm.

Every year my son comes back from camp he’s happier, more responsible, and his confidence is admirable. He gets the chance to make friends with a condition the same as his.


Sarah is the mother of a child who attended Camp Brainstorm.

This was the first time that Kris has been away from the family. He came back from Camp excited and has been a much happier teen since returning. He is already looking forward to next year. I have seen a remarkable improvement in his attitude since he has been home.


Noah has participated in every Camp Brainstorm. First he was a camper, and in 2018, he became a camp counselor.

Camp Brainstorm has allowed me to meet other people with epilepsy and see that I am not the only person struggling with it. Camp Brainstorm has allowed me to see how I can inspire others with epilepsy. It allowed me to make life-long friends. I still talk to people I met at camp from eight years ago. Because of camp, I can perform seizure first aid to help anyone who has a seizure.


Jonathan is a parent of a child with epilepsy who attended Camp Brainstorm.

Parents of children with epilepsy often face the challenge of whether to let their child do many things typical children do, like go away to camp. Camp Brainstorm provides these kids an awesome experience in a medically safe and accommodating environment. It had provided my child with an experience that I would hesitate to otherwise allow because of his epilepsy.


Josh, a first time counselor, wrote a blog on the Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas website about his experience at Camp Brainstorm. To read Josh’s full blog post, visit our Newsroom.

Camp Brainstorm makes every camper feel like anything is possible. One of my campers decided to become a counselor and this to me was touching. Getting these kids to think about and plan their futures is a major achievement.